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About upcy 

At upcy, we do our utmost to be frontrunners in sustainability and fashion; two elements that have so far been difficult to reconcile until now. It was in confrontation of fast fashion and a desire for a sustainable fashion culture that upcy was born from. The name upcy is an abbreviation of the English verb 'to upcycle'. We work exclusively with CO2-neutral products, as where all our materials are discarded textiles from the De Forenede Dampvaskeriers customers, including restaurants, hotels and hospitals. Instead of burning or throwing away disposing of the textiles, we spare the environment is spared when we transform the used materials into new styles.

Each piece of clothing carries a unique story from its past life. A jacket is created from an apron from NOMA and a shirt is created made from a striped duvet cover. We cannot always predict which materials we have, and our range is therefore determined by and developed according to which materials we have are available. The discarded clothes we use were originally produced to handle many washes, and therefore the fabrics are of a high quality and durability.

In Skovlunde, we receive many boxes filled with, for example, tablecloths, sheets and various work clothes, and which upon receipt of these, the materials are assessed and sorted. Our designers develop prototypes, after which the selected materials are sent on for production at our sewing studios in Europe.